Happy Teacher’s Week to All Teachers

PRESS RELEASE:-So teachers’ week is here.

At a time when democratization of education is a widespread discussion topic, the theme “Teaching in Freedom: Empowering Teachers” seems rather timely.

Empowering the single most important contributor to education “the teacher” cannot be overemphasized. The custodians of our future generational leaders need to operate in an environment where they are free to develop creativity and critical thinking among learners without fear of restriction or discrimination. Provision of necessary opportunities and resources to facilitate growth and upward mobility has to be paramount in this context. If we are to adequately develop our human resource, empowering teachers must be top priority.

As we celebrate teacher’s week, let each teacher at every level experience a sense of hope; that free thought, growth and empowerment, are priorities for this noble profession they belong to.

Happy Teacher’s week.