About Us


Our Company


HITZ FM radio is pleased to join the chosen few who has been bestowed the opportunity to broadcast radio to our exclusive St. Lucian radio listening market. It is with great pleasure that we clinch our obligation to providing fresh, modern entertainment directed by a center of attention and informed play list which is well-established in local and regional cultures.
Conventional in format and profoundly focused on the 18-80-year-old market, we will prioritize comment from our target group in order to channel our play list of the latest and best Hits of the decade. As a St. Lucia based radio station, HITZ FM will uphold the highest standard of quality programming suitable for all St. Lucian’s to enjoy.
Welcome to the new Hitz FM we invite you to unwind, enjoy and listen to our enjoyably modern format of radio and we enthusiastically anticipated entertaining you every day.

On behalf of our entire team we genuinely hope that you enjoy St. Lucia’s hottest radio station as we dedicate HITZ FM to YOU the people of St. Lucia.


The Hitz FM Mission Statement

Hitz FM Radio strives to create high quality programming for our listeners; targeted audiences for our advertisers; and to attract, develop and sustain an efficient and highly productive group of broadcast professionals.


Our mission is:

  • To provide high quality, informative local radio programming to our listeners.
  • To provide the highest quality marketing solutions, results and customer service for our advertisers.
  • To be ambassadors of goodwill in the markets we serve by promoting their social, retail and economic growth and development.
  • To provide a professional and goal oriented working environment for our associates to facilitate their growth as community and broadcasting leaders.
  • To preserve, develop and promote the traditions and prominence of local community focused radio broadcasting. We believe that local radio is an integral part of every community we serve, and it is our duty to serve the best interests of the people in all our communities.


We do local radio right